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#StarbuckStartups Cultivating your Corporate Home Office “Finding the Starbucks Local Joe or Jane“ at any Starbucks location in the world by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 0

Some time back I was traveling to this one Starbucks in a conservative high tech industry area and I was having trouble fitting. And for some reason I was having so much trouble fitting in I was standing out but I wasn’t fitting in. Than out of the blue this guy named Joe walks in who was someone that was really standing out and fitting in. You could notice that everyone was paying attention to him.

Who is this guy?

He is a Joe or a Jane!!!

This experience inspired this Strategy to align with the Starbucks Joe or to standout and fit in days which normally would usually take years. Why would you want to do this? Because it takes a lot of time and money time is money to be a Starbucks Joe. Starbucks Joe is a Rapport Builder or #StarbuckStartups Ambassador is a Game Changer. That is why we align with a Joe to spread our influence as a #StarbuckStartups Ambassador (Game Changer).

Here are some pointers to spot the Local Starbucks Joe or Jane.

  • Make this a game, are you ready to play?

  • Without blowing your cover spots the Joe and Observes how to fit in at this Unique location. Starbucks motto is “brand familiarity with a unique experience.” What does this mean? The Starbucks brand has a staple or a consistency in all their shops globally and each location has a unique experience and the Joe is the key master.

  • Appear to be the only person that isn’t paying attention to the Joe or Jane. This makes you stand out to the Joe and increase your influence.

  • While I am brainstorming and working on your own projects  only take a break when people approach you. And when they do approach you give out Game Changing advice…Be inspired by Blackie Guru the $1,000 a minute Starbucks Guru and only give advice that is worth $1,000 a minute. All other questions I just point to the Joe or Starbucks employees.

Which one is #StarbuckStartups Ambassador and/or which one is a Joe?

    • Buy drinks for Customers, Staff and Employees. I like to purchase a $20.00 gift card and let them buy drinks for people on the line until the line is full.

    • Lets you know what is going on at that location…

    • Moves through the Starbucks with the Confidence and Swagger…Be the self appointed guy to answer any questions for customers or employees. Lots of  time the customers and the Starbucks employees are rushing and you are there to Organize the Chaos.

    • Sit in a location that you can see everybody and they can see you. Try to not talk too much to Starbucks employees on their break unless they are seeking you out.

    • Never complain or tell on the employee to get in good with the manager. 

    • Creates small talk with all the employees and customers that are in alignment with the experience of the location. is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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