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#StarbuckStartups Connecting Through Bullet Proof Glass by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve 1

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bullet proof glass no connection

I went this check cashing place that I have gone for 5 to 6
years and this places is never busy. There is this lady
that waits on me when I go in there 9 time out of 10…
This morning there was a old man in a wheelchair
that she was waiting on that was taking a little long.

Near the end he apologized to me and I said “no problem you have earned it.”

He smiled and went on his way…

As a walked up to the window the energy shifted in this place like I had very experienced

this lady that I had seen for years treated me totally different.

In this location bullet proof glass separates the customers
and the employees.

bullet proof glass

At first I didn’t notice but what stood out is she didn’t make me put my finger print on the check.

Wow it is like I made that check cashing place my own private club…that inspired this poem.

Bullet proof

Connecting Through Bullet Proof Glass

In a moment glass shatters

And a connection is made…

This all can happen

In the drop of a hat

When we slow our lives down 

As we stop worrying

About this

And about that.

Shatter the bullet proof glass

at Home and at Work

Love one another

Don’t be a jerk…

Shatter the Glass between 

Between family and friends…

Love one another 

Until all hate ends.

Connecting Through Bullet Proof Glass

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  1. Right on !And don’t forget “Le show” with Harry Shearer on sunday morning he will make you smile reporting pathetic news !And by the way the famous shoe, made the shoes famous, and Hollywood bought 3 pairs &#33?0;⁘?????2?

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