Press "Enter" to skip to content “Starbucks is an Embassy and you are the Ambassador aka the drink your choice guy or gal.” 0

This is a fun way to standout by engaging the Starbucks Baristas by being the drink of your choice…here is how I do it I go up to the Barista and say I would like Coffee of your choice or tea of your choice 9 times outta 10 they pause and smile. This idea is a good report builder they are trained on different drinks and they never really get to talk about it with any customers this idea will get in into the inner circle and make the starbucks your exclusive club. I have gotton to the point that they look forward to seeing me come in…fyi lots of Starbucks employees hang out with each other so this is a great way that is all good when they are talking about you.

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How is this good for business? Rumor has it that the white house has the ultimate home field advantage. When leaders come from other countries they see how massive the staff is and how supportive they appear it is like a performance. I imagine if you could do that at Starbucks your own exclusive club. is an endeavourof best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.

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