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Our objective is to invest and develop social projects, businesses and brands in our 15 areas of influence.


  •        Art and Culture
    ·        Body, Mind and Spirit
    ·        Creativity
    ·        Education
    ·        Empowerment
    ·        Family & Relationships
    ·        Fun & Entertainment
    ·        Green living and Green Working
    ·        Health and Wellness
    ·        Humanity
    ·        Masterminding
    ·        Mentoring and Service
    ·        Socially Responsible Business
    ·        Technology and Innovation
    ·        Wealth and Abundance


  • 25% of our money goes to brand gifting, entrepreneurs seed money and social community projects that make the world a better place.
  • 50% goes towards Equity Investment of business ideas that make the world a better place.
  • 20% goes to the high tech high touch education of entrepreneurs and future leaders.
  • 5% Operational Cost and Miscellaneous Expenses.


Elite Global Advisor Circle

Jedi Steve aka Stephen T. Jones is a Bob Marley Impersonator, Branding Specialist and Co-founder of For over 20 years Jedi Steve has helped Companies and Individuals Team Build their dreams into reality via the Compassion Formula.



FAYZAN ZAHID  Founder / PHP Developer

  • BILAL AHSAN Regional Manager
  • MOBIN AHMAD Net Developer

  • Tyre Oliver is the founder of & Persistence LLC, a Global-Entrepreneurial Network. Their role is overseeing Project Funding and Investor Relations.



Startups Funding Funnel Network Partner Persistence LLC is a Global-Entrepreneurial Network and their role is overseeing Project Funding and Investor Relations. Network Partner Xpert Solution is An experienced & client-focused group of web architects who specialize in making Websites & Apps which are open to every living soul, simple to utilize & successful.


Step 1. Brainstorming via Business Model Assessment


Step 2. Idea & Pitch Alignment Training


Step 3. Partner Pitches idea to Investor (Video Conference, Phone or In person)


Step 4. Investor Funding Discovery


Step 5. Investor Offer and Acceptance



We are a High Tech/ High Touch Startup incubator helping you connect the dots towards your sustainable results.


We help People and organizations transform their Visions,  Missions and Goals into sustainable results…


  • We measure success by your success…
  • We create the space for your team to succeed…
  • We help your team become aware of your efficiency blind spots….
  • We help you to anticipate and harmonize with results in a changing world…
  • We partner with you to attract Startup resources for your  company projects….
  • We aim to be an extension of your Mission, Vision and Goals…


If you have an App, Company Brand and/or Cause to be launched we could help you make a huge splash.

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