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#StarbuckStartups Business Model Marketing Reach in today’s wor;d 5

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Let’s start from the very beginning. Strategy.
Developing a digital marketing strategy which is aligned to your overall objectives is key. Selecting the relevant target market aligned with the relevant platforms is pivotal for the success of any marketing strategy.

Next up: Content.  What will we be communicating and to whom? Thought provoking, engaging and relevant content and images is a sure things. Converse with your target, engage, start a conversation, to build that relationship of trust and interest.

Consistency.  Apply and implement your strategy consistently. Follow through – don’t leave me hanging!

Schedule.  Free up your time to schedule pre-planned posts with a content calendar.  This enables more productivity to focus on more strategy to building your empire

Lastly, Outsource.  Let us manage your online strategy while you get on with business is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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