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#StarbuckStartups BREATHE your BUSINESS MODEL TO LIFE by Jedi Steve and the Ice Man 0

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I was recently watching the following video on vice about the Ice Man. The Ice Man is able to do some miraculous things with his body that is pushing the boundaries of science. One example the Ice Man was able to sit in freezing cold water for over 2 hours and by just shifting his breathe he is able to control is vital signs. Although this intrigues me when I see something rare like this I always go to what is the practical application to me. Or maybe you are asking how can this impact my business model in a practical way?

Then it started to get it when he mentioned they were hyperventilating. Before this I always associated hyperventilating with panic but there is more to it kind of like when you are paying bills sometimes. Hyperventilating is defined as breathe or cause to breathe at an abnormally rapid rate, so increasing the rate of loss of carbon dioxide. In the video he mentioned that as you are hyperventilating in his process you breathe in more and Breathe out less. This is the primary goal of business whatever you product or cause is to Breathe in more abundance and breathe out less.

BREATHE in more

and breathe out less…


 and breathe out less…

Lets pause for 30 seconds as you try it

meditation 2 me in the mirror meditation 1 meditation 5 Meditation 3 Children Playing 2 Children Playing 1

Thanks for joining in this journey of practical application and I was you continued success… is an endeavour of best thought and industry leaders who bring years of experience from wide range of fields.



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