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#SDSUBringBackArt Cry, Smack, Breath by Jedi Steve 1

Children Playing 2

When we are born

We land in this world,

Searching for our

Searching for our first breath

If you are like most,

Most in this world

Life starts

It starts when

Our doctor

Oh doctor spanks us,

To engage this,

This never ending cycle

This Ferris wheel of sorts

Inspiring our first breathe,

Yet before or after this breathe,

We cry

and then we start,

We start to die…

Cry, Smack, Breath

Breath, Smack, Cry

Creating a pattern

Until we die.

Are we doomed?

To this big mess,

Stuck in a rut of


Is this Rhythm sketched on our soul?

Are are we empowered,

with any control?

For me its quite simple,

To the core of the tone,

Creating this moment

When all minds are blown.

Some call it Magic,

To say the least,

What is this magic

It’s Breathing for Peace.

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