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Business Model Assessment “Company Vortex.” 0

Business Model Assessment “Company Vortex.”

Our 3 steps Business Model Assessment is designed to challenge you and your team to bridge the gap between what we say, what we do, and what we have the potential to create. This process is designed for individuals and organizations to identify what they need to focus on to create a bigger impact.

This company is an innovative startup with good traction that when we met they were having lots of key employees burning out. In our Business model assessment process we discovered what was getting in the way of taking their business to the next 4 to 5 levels. By giving them the space to create a solid Vision, Mission and Goals to increase employee morale while giving them the freedom to expand in what ever direction their brand goes in the future. 

Which path is the most compassionate and life affirming?




  • We helped them develop Vision, Mission & Goals to guide the founders and key employees to be more efficient with more clarity in my company culture. We also thought they should showcases this in both offices in San Diego, CA and Dallas, Tx to avoid all the remote issues that were effecting client burn out, the bottom line and obstacles getting in the way of future growth and profit.


  • Suggested one of the partners purchase to reduce the stress of his wife who has had life long life threatening seizure. This was causes stress for the entire business model and we reduced stress by providing a copper bracelet that goes down to her heart to reduce inflammation that causes stress and stress causes everything. Most businesses in the status quo are unaware of how these technology effect their bottom line or they want to waste energy doubting and research these which really waste a lot of energy for us and them. So we us our own grant money to purchase bracelets and suggest they experiment with them. In the perfect world even the most success leaders and business professionals would have more personal responsibility for their Cause and Effect. 

  • Suggested that they invest in Blue Blocker glasses for all Executives and  Key employees 

  • We noticed this company was resistant to creativity with a product and business model that encourages creativity. This immediately produced a redflag because this resistance and lack of align with be the downfall of their company at best suck of plenty of assets, time and marketing cost to stay afloat. Wit this in mind we help them tap into the incubator leveraging creativity to manifest ideas from out of thin air. These are some benefits to joining the Inner Circle to take advantage of ideas like these Sample idea 1Sample Idea 2 and Sample 3
  • Also shared wellness biohacking will take care of lots of unnecessary stress and help them become more efficient with less effort. 
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  • There is something limiting about the title Technician that is holding back your company from Jumping to the next 4 to 5 levels and beyond. What if a large part of the role of the company technician was taking ownership in the environment he or she is creating? For me integrity isn’t just morals it is personal responsibility for my role in the company or culture environment. I believe in order to have a successful business you need ennui defined as “a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.” And this lack of excitement creates boredom and this boredom creates chaos that sabotages most companies. What’s the solutions? Like children we our only happy when we are creating. Creating a culture of people and partnerships that are personally responsible for creating a “Sound Company Vortex.” What if like your dogs your technicians could take ownership in creating a positive vortex or environment? “Sound Company Vortex Playlist Click Here!!!

  • Have the founder and his wife do an assessment to launch a philanthropic organization to up uplift mankind and women kinder Click Here!!!
  • We co-created a Mission, Vision and Goal that inspires an efficient company culture to be showcased.


  • Working with Online Platform  developers to co-create a profitable partnership.



Which path is the most compassionate and life affirming?

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