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If even one percent of the population – or even just one percent of one percent
– posted their ideas in one day, you’d have enough information to fill a book with
world solutions.

These are the ideas behind You don’t have to worry about
every line being perfect, just blog it. Even better: Since the book is written online,
every author can add things that are not available in conventional books such as
videos, audio, pictures, art, poetry and articles.


Well, We’ve gone and done that hardest part by writing the first chapter: “A Simple
Guide to Making a Difference: Making The World A Better Place By Being YOU.”

Now all we have to do is finish this collective global mission and – bam! – We’ll have
a book.

ONE BOOK, ONE BRAND in this ONE WORLD with unique chapters inspired by
people and organization from all walks of life in our global community in the name

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